McAllen Public Utility offers free, appointment only, tours to the public and for school students. Tours are booked on a first-request basis and offered Monday through Friday during daylight hours at our North and Southwest Water Treatment Plants. We also offer tours of the North Wastewater Treatment Plant for professional groups, High School students, and University students on a case-by-case basis.

We can accommodate up to 30 people in each tour group. For grades 3rd through 7th, we require chaperones at a 1:10 ratio. For grades 8 and up, we require chaperones at a 1:15 ratio. Tours last approximately one hour. To sign up, please submit a Tour Request Form at least two weeks in advance to or call 956-681-1705 for additional options.



McAllen Public Utility offers free presentations to the public and for school students.  Presentations can be done during a tour, at a school, or even a community event! Presentations are booked on a first-request basis and offered Monday through Friday.

Presentations and downloadable activities include:

  • MPU Coloring Sheets
  • W is for Water: Introduce the importance of water for people, animals, and plants.  (PK-3rd)*
  • The Water Cycle:  Learn the steps of the Water Cycle. (PK-5th)*
  • DIY Filter: Learn the importance of clean water by designing a filter to clean dirty water. (3rd grade and up)
  • STEM Careers:  Help us show the next generation the importance of an education by examining the exciting career opportunities found at MPU.  (3rd and up)*
  • Water Treatment: A look at how McAllen Public Utility treats water.   Powerpoint or Virtual Reality Presentation available.  (3rd and up)
  • Infrastructure: Take on these fun Engineering challenges to build water infrastructure used to supply water resources to our community.  (3rd and up)
  • Water Quality: Measure the different factors in raw water like pH, temperature, alkalinity, and turbidity to see how pollution can impact our waterways.  (6th grade and up)*+
  • Aquatic Ecosystems:  Identify living and nonliving factors in our waterways.  (6th grade and up)*+

+Presentations can be modified for younger grade levels.  May be different presentation with similar topic.

Education Resources

We’re happy to partner with additional organizations that provide free water education resources.
Texas Water Development Board
Take Care of Texas-TCEQ
Texas American Water Works Association-Be a Water Geek Videos
This Is a STEMinist- Online Exhibit