Water Plants

Water-plantsIn 2009 and with a dynamic population of 154,500 people, the 3 McAllen Water Treatment Plants must now meet a minimum daily production capacity of 44.5 million gallons of water.  With the addition of a new 1.4MGD groundwater well, current system capacities are 59.6 Million gallons of treated water per day and growing.

Employing 34 personnel across 5 shifts, everyone plays a key role in the 24 hour operation of the water plants, keeping up with everything from management to groundskeeping.

Every person operating the plant must be licensed by the TCEQ. Approval for the licenses can only be obtained with experience, therefore keeping personnel trained and up to date is of utmost importance to management

Water Towers

  • 7 water towers
  • Can hold from 750 thousand gallons to 2 million gallons
  • In use 24/7 to maintain pressure throughout the city

Emergency Water Supply

In case of emergency the North Plant can continue to completely run with a generator. The South Plant can pump 11 MGD of raw water and treat 17 MGD.

Amount of time that we can supply water depends on the demand:
EXAMPLE: South Plant can provide water for 43 days only pumping 11MGD
EXAMPLE #2: South Plant can provide water for 21 days only pumping 22 MGD


We provide tours to find out more information regarding water conservation, water quality, and the McAllen water treatment system.  Please visit our Education page for more information.