Transmission & Distribution

What is the purpose of flushing?

The purpose of flushing is to maintain the water quality and reduce disinfectant byproducts. By flushing, we are maintaining our water distribution lines to ensure good quality water. The process that the City of McAllen–Transmission & Distribution Department follows is a required process by the TCEQ {290.46(I)} state law: “All dead end mains must be flushed at a monthly interval”. After the flushing has been done the water has to be tested to measure the level of chlorine in the water which has to be as per state regulation from a 0.5–4.0 mg/L Cl2.

Now if you as the customer experience any type of bad odor, bad taste, color in water, and/or debris in your water please notify the Water Laboratory Department at (956)-681-1720. The Water Laboratory Department will notify the field technician to grab a sample from the residence/business. The technician will transport the sample back to the laboratory to perform bacteriological, analytical, and wet chemistry analysis. The test which takes the longest to report is the bacteriological testing, from the initial analysis it takes 24 hours to observe a result.

Once all analysis is completed it is composed into a customer report and a lab technician will notify the customer of the results, plus take any further action by notifying the Transmission and Distribution Department whom will immediately dispatch a unit and flush the nearest fire hydrant to the customers home or business.

Here in the City of McAllen our highest priority is to maintain and deliver high quality potable water for our citizens.

Backflow and Cross Connection Control Program

Water distribution systems are designed with the intention of the water flowing in a certain direction from the distribution system to the consumer. However, hydraulic conditions within the system may alert these “normal” conditions, causing water to flow in the opposite direction in unprotected systems. This is called backflow.

What is backflow?

Backflow occurs when the pressure in the distribution system drops, siphoning water from the consumer’s system into the distribution system. This would also siphon any substance which may be in contact with the water system through a cross-connection. This type of backflow is called Backsiphonage and may occur when there is an unusually high use of water or undersized piping in area. For example, during fire fighting, or when a main water line breaks, water is “sucked “to the point of high usage, possibly drawing non-potable substance with it, filling the water line these substances.

Backsiphonage may occur through cross-connection such as a hose from a maintenance sink in a mop bucket, or a below-rim water inlet to a tank containing a toxic solution.

Test & Maintenance Report pdf.

Cross Connections and backflow at your home

A garden hose submerged into a hot tub or swimming pool, or inserted into your car’s radiator to flush out the antifreeze, or attached to an insecticide sprayer could siphon that material back into our water mains. An underground sprinkler system could cause a problem if the piping used is not drinking water quality, if the water stagnates in the system, or if pesticides or herbicides are used in the irrigation system in any way.


Federal law requires water suppliers to protect their water system from contamination or pollution by cross-connections. To do this, water suppliers diligently conduct surveys of various facilities on their systems. This allows the water or health authority (which may be working in conjunction with water agency) to determine which type of backflow protection is necessary to protect the water system.

It is very important McAllen public utility maintain a strong cross-connection control program in order to protect the purity of our drinking water.

Annual Backflow Testing

Backflow devices assemblies must be tested for proper operation annually. This testing must be done on site by a certified backflow tester, and a maintenance report must be submitted to the McAllen Public Utility.

All consumers must be aware of cross-connection and prevent them, or protect such connections with the appropriate backflow preventer. These backflow prevents must be tested at least once each year to ensure that they are performing properly in preventing backflow.


When necessary they must be repaired in order to assure proper operation. Backpressure backflow is caused by a downstream pressure that is greater than the upstream or supply pressure in a public water system or consumer’s potable water system.

Backpressure can result from an increase in downstream pressure, a reduction in the potable water supply pressure, or a combination of booth.

Increases in downstream pressure can be created by pumps, temperatures increase in boiler, etc. Reductions in potable water supply pressure occur whenever the amount of water being supplied increases dramatically, such as during water line flushing, fire fighting, or breaks in water mains.

Cross Connection and Backflow Prevention Policy

The City of McAllen is required by the Texas Commission on Environment Quality (TCEQ) to eliminate any cross-connection from our system. The City must also maintain a Cross Connection Control Program for the potable water distribution system servicing your home or business.

Certified Backflow Prevention Assembly Testers List

Company Tester Name Phone Number
$39 Backflow Testing Daniel Navarro 956-624-9031
1st Fire Protection Services Javier Moreno 956-682-3473/956-605-7032
1st Fire Protection Services Mauro Esquivel 956-682-3473/956-605-4032
A & E Lawn & Tree Trimming Erasmo Ramirez 956-648-2909
A & M Sprinklers Julian Delgado 956-571-4641
A & R Backflow Testing Juan A. Alonzo 956-499-7251
A & T Services Timothy Goins 956-636-1988
A-1 Sprinklers Cynthia B. Hassan 956-432-5860/956-432-2000
A New Era Fire Protection Inc. Mario Moreno 956-222-0536/956-534-6627
Ace Irrigation Gerardo Perez 956-687-1223
Advanced Sprinklers David Gutierrez 956-451-6040
All – Pro Backflow Testing Services Brandon Hernandez 956-867-8492
All Star Plumbing Rodolfo Gonzalez 956-425-7378
Allied Fire Protection Ruben De La Cruz 956-631-4208
Allied Fire Protection Rodolfo Garza 956-631-4208
Allied Fire Protection Jesus Franco 956-631-4208
Alliance Specialized Systems Robert Guerra 956-782-9707
AM – PM Plumbing Oscar Mata Jr. 956-843-1212/956-585-9333
American Backflow Services Luis Torres 956-878-9613
Aqua Tech Jesus Quintana 956-630-1402
Aqua Tech Robert Evans 956-630-1402
Barrios Landscaping Lorenzo Barrios 956-821-0008
Bell & Associates Inc. Grant Bell 972-988-9906
Belvail James III Belvail James III 956-789-5252
Border Plumbing Gabriel A. Whatley 956-451-1360
C & A Irrigation Systems Juan R. Quezada 956-408-2843
Cantus Plumbing Severo Cantu 956-581-6937
Castles Mechanical Contractors Rafael Maldonado 956-276-0441
Cook Sprinklers Mark Cook 956-867-1944
De La Paz Irrigation Jose L. De La Paz 956-929-1413
Diamond Backflow Prev. Eduardo Peralez 956-525-2643
Double A Testing Mauro Anzaldua Jr. 956-566-0750/ 956-580-0075
E.G. Irrigation Efrain Garcia 956-249-0179
Earth Irrigation & Landscaping William Gossett 956-631-6686
ER Sprinkler & Lawn Anibal Perez 956-578-2970
Faires Plumbing Co. Isidro Kerps 956-383-3221
Faires Plumbing Co. Kenny Faires 956-383-3221
First Choice Bac-Flow Services Javier F. Noriega 956-455-8580
First Choice IRR. & Landscape George Whatley 956-867-7071
Global Piping Frank Cavazos 956-648-7723
Green Thumb George Davis 956-380-2289/956-239-0134
Green Valley Sprinklers David Arellano 956-797-0150
Hulings Lawn & Landscaping David G. Hulings 956-367-1991
J.C. Sprinklers Joe Cantu 956-929-0615
Joes Sprinklers Joe Sotelo 956-789-2381/956-630-4480
L & M Backflows Miguel Lopez 956-445-2320/956-584-9087
Mikes Plumbing & Electric Michael Gonzalez 956-686-1353
Mikes Plumbing & Electric Kristopher M Losoya 956-686-1353
Mikes Plumbing & Electric Naun Mendoza 956-686-1353
Mikes Plumbing Company Martin A Hinojosa 956-532-4284/956-968-8377
Mutual Sprinklers Inc. Roberto A. Garcia 888-696-4300
Olguin Sprinkler Sys. & Landscaping Ramiro Olguin 956-578-1947/956-358-8430
Omar Barrera & Sons Gabriel Barrera 956-534-3337/956-227-8710
Palm Valley Construction Company Hipolito Lopez 956-994-0599/956-638-7043
Plumbing Solutions Unlimited Juan Daniel Vela 956-867-8835
QR Fire Pro Gerardo Rodriguez 956-724-3777
R & R Plumbing Company Rene Rocha 956-585-6744
Rainbow Sprinklers Kenneth Hood 956-968-1752
Rainforest Sprinkler System Armando Villarreal 956-457-7260
Rainhunters Ricardo Garcia Prieto 956-569-9501
Rainmaker Fire Protection David Rojano 956-867-4627
Rainmaker Fire Protection Luis R Sepulveda 956-369-4453
Rio Sprinklers Sys. Melvin Espinoza 956-464-9870/956-687-9870
Rio Tech Eloy Cantu Jr. 956-867-7236
Rio Tech Enrique Gonzalez 956-287-0800/956-867-7236
San Juan Plumbing Jesus G. Cavazos Sr. 956-631-3180/956-787-6871
Simplex Grinnell Alfonso Ortiz 956-618-5267
Simplex Grinnell Scott Waggener 210-402-6311
South Texas Backflows Humberto Torres 956-607-4525
South Valley Plumbing Cesar Olivares 956-562-0730
Sweet Water Irrigation Juan P Fernandez 956-571-3661
T.D. INDUSTRIES Juan Morales 956-647-7128
T.D. INSUSTRIES Samuel R. Garcia 210-559-5340
Tamez Irrigation Samuel Tamez JR 956-7399803/956-358-1184
Tejas Irrigation & Landscaping Gerardo Silguero 956-496-5200
Texas Fire Guard Joe Rivera 956-973-0500
TX.Saffire Alvaro Canales 832-538-8803
TLC Total Lawn Care LLC Eric Ortiz 956-973-2313
TLC Total Lawn Care LLC Hector G Resendez 956-973-2313
Top Cut Lawn Care Walter M. Weerts 956-873-1326
T &T Palms, Trees &More Daniel J. Tanguma 956-566-4268
Valley Wide Sprinkler Sys. Francisco Jaramillo Sr. 956-357-7474
Watermill Express Italo A. Espinosa 956-687-9234
Western States Fire Protection Adrian Hernandez 210-632-5175
Western States Fire Protection Enrique Rodriguez 956-578-2985
Western States Fire Protection Gerardo Jerry Hernandez 956-249-0387
CERTIFIED George Whatley JR. 956-212-9538
CERTIFIED Juan P. Fernandez Sr. 956-571-3661
CERTIFIED Jose Cano 956-789-7141
CERTIFIED Jose Luis Amezquita 786-259-3797
CERTIFIED Victor Aguirre 956-227-7133

Important Disclaimer: You do not have to use any of the testers on this list. This list has been provided for your convenience only. The City of McAllen/McAllen Public Utility makes no representation regarding the abilities, performance, or quality of service of the testers listed above. Further, the City of McAllen/McAllen Public Utility does not assume or accept any responsibilities for the actions or performance of such testers. It is always your responsibility to ensure that the person you select is certified by TCEQ to test backflow prevention devices. You may go to TCEQ’s Web site to verify a person’s eligibility if you are uncertain they are certified,

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The City of McAllen is committed to enhancing the quality of our community by taking a leadership role in the care of water resources consistent with the highest standards and customer expectations. Water customers know best how their water is being used, so your support and assistance is very important in achieving our goal of providing a safe dependable, clean supply of water for all citizens.

For more information regarding low pressure, the backflow program, traveling meters, low pressure, no water or leaks at your home, school, or business contact:

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