Wastewater Plants

South Wastewater Treatment Plant

4100 Idela Ave

New Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR) Basins

The South Wastewater Treatment Plant is the largest Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR) plant south of San Antonio. The BNR WWTP was completed in 2018. The 10 (MGD) million gallons per day operates under a State permit which has been established to control pollutant discharges. The permit is designed to regulate the manner, nature, volume and frequency for discharging from a particular source. The permit establishes specific limits on standards for discharging according to the rules and regulations set by the State of Texas and through our enforcing agency, Texas Commission of Environmental Quality (TCEQ), and according to the federal standards set by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This permit also insures that the limits and standards established are met through TCEQ’s annual plant inspections, bio-monitoring, and compliance monitoring. The South BNR WWTP produced over 240 million gallons of Type I reclaimed treated effluent yearly that is utilized at the McAllen Palm View Golf Course and South WWTP for irrigation.

North Wastewater Treatment Plant

2100 W Sprague McAllen, TX

BNR Basin during a sunrise

The North Wastewater Treatment Plant (NWWTP) is a 15 MGD Extended Aeration Plant. The NWWTP is the first WWTP south of San Antonio to provide Type I reclaimed water to residential homes for irrigation; also, NWWTP delivers approximately 45,000,000 gallons monthly to Calpine Energy for their cooling towers. The NWWTP will be distributing Type I reclaimed water to city landscapes, schoolyards, athletic fields and public parks. McAllen Public Utility believe water is a precious resources and MPU will always look at way to conserve surface water by using reclaimed water whenever possible.


The State of Texas requires that all operators possess a valid license of competency issued by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. Any operator that operates a wastewater facility or works with the Wastewater Collection System (Lift Stations) must be licensed. There are four levels of licenses for wastewater treatment plant operators, designated as A, B, C, and D and there are three levels in wastewater collection which are I, II, III. All applicants must have a GED or high school diploma, pass a criminal background check and must pass a state examination within one year of employment to be able to continue to work at a WWTP or a WWCS.

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