Wastewater Collections

The Wastewater Collection Department (WWCD) consists of 26 employees who take pride in their job. They use their skills and equipment to maintain and operate 55 lift stations, maintain and repairs over 570 miles of sewer lines and maintain & inspect over 8500 manholes. WWCD promotes efficiency and effectiveness by striving to maintain a system from having sanitary sewer overflows (SSO), responding to customers concerns within a hour, and providing preventive maintenance to WWCS to ensure uninterrupted sanitary sewer service.

One of the biggest issues that WWCD handles on a daily basis are clogged lines due to wipes (rags), grease, and other obstruction not meant to be flushed into the WWCS. There are only two things that should be flushed into the WWCS, which is human waste and toilet paper. Because this does not happen, WWCD establish a preventive maintenance plan to flush trouble area using a Vactor Truck. Preventive maintenance is the key to having uninterrupted sanitary sewer flow in a ww collection system.

The Wastewater Collection Department will lead the Reclaimed Water distribution by installing, servicing and maintaining reclaimed water meters and lines in a recently developed Tres Lagos Community. Reclaimed water will be available to this area for irrigation for residential lawns. This will be the first time any Wastewater System in the Rio Grande Valley has offered reclaim water for this purpose.

WWCD understands the importance of their job to everyday living. The department is on call 24/7, 365 days a year to make sure the wastewater is flowing with no interruption. The WWCD promotes efficiency and effective through taking pride in protecting public health, protecting the environment, support of economic growth, and giving quality of life services.