The Administration Department is responsible for the management and oversight of the general operation of the Utility, and bond projects under direction of the McAllen Public Utility Board. This department handles matters such as administration of water and sewer, and the preparation of materials for the McAllen Public Utility Board meetings. Essentially, the department handles all the administrative tasks necessary to keep McAllen Public utility running in an efficient manner.

This department is composed of the General Manager, Assistant General Manager, Utility Board Secretary, Assistant to the Utility Board Secretary, Water Education Specialist, Risk and Safety Coordinator, and an administrative assistant.

The General Manager, upon advice and consent of the Public Utility Board, acts a manager of the utility system, which includes:

  • Utility Administration (Water & Sewer)
  • Customer Relations
  • Utility Billing
  • Meter Readers
  • Water Systems
  • Wastewater Systems