Wastewater Collections

The Wastewater Collection Department goal is to insure uninterrupted flow of wastewater in order to protect the city’s populace from water borne disease exposure and toxic contamination. The department consist of 23 employees who take pride in their job. They use their skills, State issued license and equipment to maintain and repair sewer lines, lift stations and manholes to prevent any backups or sanitary sewer overflows.

The Department provides maintenance, installation and replacement of the sewer collection system including proactive preventative line cleaning, root control, odor control and video inspection of the collection system. When crews are not repairing sewer lines, they are routinely flushing and unclogging them of debris such as rags, grease or any obstruction that prevent sewer from reaching its destination. The division maintains 54 sanitary sewer lift stations throughout the City of McAllen and City of Alton that distribute the sewage to the wastewater treatment plants for treatment. Wastewater Collection also installs minor line extensions .