Utility Billing

The City of McAllen is divided into 3 areas, which we call “Cycles.” These Cycles cover from South of Business 83 to Military Hwy (Cycle 5), North of Business 83 to South of Nolana (Cycle 6), and North of Nolana to Highway 107 (Cycle 7). The Utility Billing staff’s main functions are to review and bill all active or final accounts, in an accurate and timely manner. The type of services that are billed monthly include: water, sewer, sanitation, recycle, brush collection, sanitation state taxes, association dues, sewer surcharges, and other miscellaneous charges. The Billing staff imports the meter readings to our billing software, where certain type of reports are generated. They are responsible for reviewing and verifying these reports, which contains the customer’s consumption information for their respective account and location. These exceptions include, but are not limited to the following: consumption too high, consumption too low, and zero consumption. If a discrepancy exists on a customer’s account, the billing staff will submit a “billing recheck.” These billing rechecks (also known as service orders) are used for the verification of meter readings, and to make sure that the meter is working properly. When the billing rechecks have been completed, the billing clerks will review the information, and then proceed with billing the accounts.

The following are billing dates that we use to mail out the bill statements: 13th, 23rd, and 3rd of every month. Please see the map provided that will help identify your respective billing cycle. If these dates fall on a weekend, bills will be mailed out accordingly; for example, if the 13th falls on a Saturday, bills will be mailed out on Friday the 12th. If the 13th falls on a Sunday, then bills will be mailed out on Monday the 14th. Please review our explanation, “How to read your bill” document to help better understand your bill statement.

Any questions, inquiries, or concerns can be addressed by calling the Customer Relations Department at 956-681-1600.